Automations are a Premium Feature. If you’re currently on a free plan, please reach out to to upgrade. More information about our membership options can be found on our pricing page.

Automations allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. You can use Automations to automatically tag and assign Issues to Smart Views or Agents, add auto replies, and update the Issue status once a certain amount of time has elapsed. This helps you sort and process even more Issues without having to increase your Support Team’s headcount.

There are three Automation types:

  1. New Issue Automations: Actions run on every New Issue that matches an Automation criteria
  2. Reminder Automations: Follow-ups run on open Issues that have not been replied to by the user in a set number of days
  3. Auto Resolve Automations: Open Issues automatically resolved after a set number of days if a user has not replied back

As a note, a great tagging system is helpful for effectively managing your Automations. To learn how to set up tags, see How Do I Create And Use Tags?

Automations can only be set up by Admins. If you are an Agent, please share this with the Admins on your Helpshift account.

To set up Automations, see the following: