Many organizations have set business hours for providing support and need to toggle Autoresponders to notify users of this upon submission of new Issues. You can set up Automations to autorespond with specific responses depending on the type of Issue. You can have specific responses triggered by specific tags or keywords.

To set up an Autoresponse:

1. Navigate to Settings > Automations


2. Click on the ‘+ Add Automation’ Button


3. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the Automation title and apply custom filters for the types of Issues which should receive an autoresponse. To set up an autoresponse to go to all types of incoming issues, be sure to select both ‘Web’ and ‘Email’ from the Platforms list.

You can enter the content for the autoresponse in the ‘Reply’ section.


Once you’ve set the title, platforms and other details, click the ‘Create Automation’ button. All Automations start running immediately upon creation and will start sending Autoresponses to new Issues per the criteria you’ve set. Please note that it will not apply retroactively to Issues created prior to the creation of the Automation.


If you only need the Autoresponse active during certain hours, be sure to manually toggle the Automation off when you don’t need it. You can complete this action from the Settings > Automations page.


To learn more about the process of creating New Issue Automations, see How Do I Set Up A New Issue Automation?