To change your email address for your Agent or Admin account, you’ll first need to invite a new Member with that new email address. To add a new member, navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams, then click the ‘Invite people’ button in the top left.


Once you accept the Member invite and assign the new account as an Admin, you’ll want to remove the old account. To do so, navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams, click the gear icon parallel to their name.

Important: when the old Agent account is removed from Helpshift, the Issues that were assigned to the removed Agent will remain assigned to that account if you do not take further action. Before confirming the removal of the Agent account, you have the option to create a Smart View to view all the Issues that were assigned to the Agent you are removing.


Select the checkbox ‘Create a SmartView to monitor [user]’s Issues.’ prior to clicking ‘Remove User’ to instantiate this option. You can then use this Smart View to work through your ongoing Issues from your new email address.

To update other account settings, see How Do I Manage My Account Settings? To change your profile avatar, see How Do I Edit My Profile Avatar In Helpshift?