Troubleshooting/Known Issues

What should I do if I have feedback about Helpshift?

Helpshift’s philosophy is to let our customers take the lead on how our product is developed, and our roadmap is based solely on popular customer requests! We are continually scheduling improvements on all features. If you have any suggestions to make Helpshift better, please feel free to send them to us (along with any relevant […]

Why are the Phonegap and Corona SDKs no longer available?

As of February 2017, Helpshift has made the decision to discontinue support for our Corona and PhoneGap SDKs. Unfortunately, the resources needed to consistently maintain these SDKs are unjustified by customer adoption rates and a lack of demand. We have chosen instead to focus our efforts on our native SDKs. What does this mean? Helpshift […]

Why does nothing happen when I click ‘More’ under the tags list?

When you navigate to Settings > Tag Management > Active Tags, you’ll notice that the Page reveals 50 tags at a time, and a ‘More’ button at the bottom if the list is longer. If you are seeing the ‘More’ button under the tags list, but clicking it doesn’t show additional tags, then you probably […]

Where can I read about known SDK issues for devs?

Please see our list of known issues within our developer documentation based on your platform: iOS Android Unity for iOS Unity for Android Unity iOS Unity Android Xamarin iOS For additional assistance, please feel free to reach out via our contact form.

Why am I seeing Helpshift’s UI in English despite the SDK language being set to something else in my iOS app?

This can happen if Helpshift is unable to locate the correct localization files in your Xcode project. Please confirm all localization files have been added correctly to the project. If they aren’t, then simply drag-and-drop them in your project. While you drag-and-drop, please make sure you add them as “Groups,” not “Folder references. To learn […]

Why don’t I see push notifications on Android when the app is backgrounded?

Android push notifications behave differently than iOS push notifications when the app is open in the background. While in iOS, push notifications will appear as banners when the app is backgrounded, in Android, the notifications will populate in the “drawer” but not show a banner. The more technical explanation for this Android feature is that […]

How do I do a Hard Refresh on the Helpshift Dashboard?

Caching issues and other browser problems can sometimes cause temporary UI glitches in the Helpshift Dashboard. To solve these, we recommend doing a hard refresh on your browser. Chrome (recommended browser): Windows/Linux: Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button. Or, Hold down Ctrl and press F5. Mac: Hold down the Cmd and Shift keys […]

Why is my FAQ formatted incorrectly after bulk update?

There are a few reasons why you might face formatting issues/errors during the FAQ bulk update. Make sure that you’re following all the guidelines below when preparing your CSV: Column data should be separated by commas. Rows should be separated by line breaks. Strings containing double quotes should have these quotes escaped, or replaced by […]

Why is my iOS app throwing a “network connection” error message when users try to load FAQs?

This type of error is often caused by incorrect API keys or an incorrect App ID. Please review the following documentation to confirm that you have correctly set up the showFAQ API: For more general information on API keys, review this documentation: This error will also appear if the device has no internet […]

Why are my Android Push Notifications not working?

If you’re having issues with your Android Push Notifications, please review the following troubleshooting points. NOTE: Android push notifications behave differently than iOS push notifications when the app is open in the background. While in iOS, push notifications will appear as banners when the app is backgrounded, in Android, the notifications will populate in the […]

Why are my iOS Push Notifications not working?

If you are encountering difficulty with iOS push notifications, please review the following: First, review our developer documentation for configuring push notifications via Helpshift for iOS against your setup to ensure it’s built correctly. Next, review the detailed push notifications troubleshooting list in our developer documentation. Additionally, please be sure you’ve checked that Push notifications […]

Why am I getting an “InstallException” error when calling Core.install on Android?

You may see the following exception when calling Core.install: Error:(54, 21) error: unreported exception InstallException; must be caught or declared to be thrown This is a reminder to ensure compile time safety so that the install is called with valid parameters. It serves as a warning to developers if there are invalid parameters so they […]

Why can’t videos in my embedded Web Portal be full-screened?

When videos are embedded on a page that is inside an iframe (embedded on your website), the video is unable to be full-screened. This is an iframe limitation, and Helpshift doesn’t have an out-of-box solution for this. However, your web developer may be able to use the information in this article to customize a solution.

Why do I occasionally receive blank replies from Email users?

The current known causes of blank responses are as follows: Not replying above the “do not reply below this line” statement, as seen in this screenshot: If the email time-stamp text from the previous email is located above the user’s response (sometimes users will delete the “do not reply below this line” statement and everything […]

Why does the iOS App Store say my app supports more languages than it does?

When building your project, you’ll only want to add which languages you need, or else all of them will be displayed as supported on the App Store. Please see our developer documentation for iOS regarding this issue. If using our native iOS SDK, you’ll want to manually locate your HSLocalization folder in your project and […]