Team Management & Groups

How do I edit my profile avatar in Helpshift?

Although there is no option to directly edit your personal profile picture in Helpshift, our integration with Gravatar will help you achieve this. To change your profile picture, complete the following steps: Sign up for a Gravatar account – remember that you need to register with Gravatar with the email address you use to sign […]

How do I manage my Account Settings?

To review and manage your Account Settings, click the profile icon in the bottom left corner on the Dashboard, then click ‘Account Settings’. A pop-up will appear for you to manage your basic account info and settings. The fields available for management are as follows: Name: The name that shows to fellow team members within […]

What are the different roles in Helpshift?

Organizations with multiple Agents can organize their support team and assign Smart View workflows using Groups with our 3-tiered role structure. The 3 different Dashboard roles are as follows: Admin (Head of Operations or Support): Has full permissions and can control all aspects of the Helpshift Dashboard Supervisor (Support Lead or Team Lead): Can do […]

We’re not receiving notifications or recovery instructions by email, why?

If this is a member account, please reach out to our support team via our contact form so we can check our 3rd party mailing system’s suppression list. Mailgun blacklists email addresses that bounce their notifications with an error message. They use a standard, by certain error codes, and make exceptions by carefully filtering by […]

What do I do if I forgot my account password?

To regain access to your account in the event of a lost password, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to http://[yourdomain] 2. Click the Forgot Password button 3. In the pop-up that appears, type your email you used as your login and click ‘Submit’ Once you complete these steps, you’ll receive an email in your inbox […]

How do I use Nicknames to protect Agent privacy?

If you have concerns about showing Agent names under certain circumstances, you can use Nicknames. These shield the Agent’s real name from the user by providing a pseudonym that differs from their real identity. This can come in the following forms: Using a pseudonym for all Agents, such as “John” Using a general support name, […]

How do I change my Member account email?

To change your email address for your Agent or Admin account, you’ll first need to invite a new Member with that new email address. To add a new member, navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams, then click the ‘Invite people’ button in the top left. Once you accept the Member invite and assign the […]

How do I remove an Agent, and what will happen to their Issues if I do?

Please note: when removing a team member, you permanently delete the history of their support KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Proceed with caution. Only Admins of a Helpshift account may delete team member from the Admin Panel/Dashboard. To do so, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams 2. Select the team member […]

What is the Announcements Feature & how do I use it?

The Announcements feature allows you to send a systemwide message to all your Agents via the Dashboard. This feature is helpful for quickly communicating urgent information, such as a critical bug or a new tag. It prevents you from having to turn to alternative channels (such as email or chat) to communicate Dashboard-related updates. To […]

How do I toggle Agent & Supervisor Permissions for FAQ and Bulk Edit access?

1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Configuration 2. Under the ‘Agent Permissions’ and ‘Supervisor Permissions’ areas, toggle the ‘Can edit FAQs?’ and ‘Allow bulk-edit of Issues’ options as needed. If you set the ‘Can edit FAQs?’ switch to YES, Agents/Supervisors will be able to edit FAQs. If you set the switch to NO, they […]

How do I create Agent Groups?

Agent Groups enable Admins to manage different tiers of Support and improve team efficiency when responding to large volumes of Issues. Utilizing Groups with Shared Smart Views allows you to maximize your efficiency and leverage your ability to handle various types of Issues. Agent Groups are great for: Large Support Teams with hierarchy (Directors, Managers, […]

How do I invite my team members as Agents, Admins, and Supervisors?

When Admins invite new team members to the Dashboard, they have the option to reassign their role to Admin or Supervisor. To learn more about what these roles mean, see What Are The Different Roles In Helpshift? To invite new team members, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams 2. Click […]