In-app Support

How do I add or edit supported platforms for Helpshift?

To add or edit supported platforms for Helpshift, please complete the following steps: 1. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking the icon in the left navigation bar 2. Scroll down to the App Settings area, then click on the app you want to update the support platforms for 3. Under ‘Platforms supported for [appname] […]

How do I update my app icon?

To update your app icon, please do the following: 1. Navigate to the Settings page 2. Scroll down to the App Settings section, then click the name of the app you’d like to update the icon for 3. In the ‘Platforms supported’ area at the top, click the text ‘Edit store details’ 4. Enter the […]

How many languages does Helpshift support?

Helpshift supports over 180 languages! A complete list of all Helpshift languages and their language codes is available at the bottom of this page. Helpshift is fully localizable, as we automatically show your Help Section in the language of the device. This allows you to easily support users who speak a variety of languages by […]

What should I call my Help section in my app?

The name of your Help Section (Helpshift FAQs) is just as important as where you place it. You’ll want to make sure that the user’s expectation is met when they click on the link. For example: If you use ‘Help’ for your section, but your user only wants to give you feedback, then they will […]

Where should the Helpshift option appear in my app?

You’ll want to put your Helpshift Help section somewhere where it will be accessible to your users whether they are in the middle of the app or just in the home area. Users shouldn’t have to exit your app just to access the Help section. Here are some examples of where you should put the […]

Video: User Experience: Browsing FAQs

This video provides a brief overview of what it looks like from the end user’s perspective to browse in-app FAQs. To see what the support experience looks like, see What Does The In-App Support Experience Look Like For A User?

Video: User Experience: Contacting Support

This video provides a visual walkthrough of the user experience when submitting an Issue via in-app FAQs. You can set up a system like this for your support team to create a seamless experience. To learn how, see our Getting Started guide on Guided Issue Filing.

How are notifications handled by the Mac SDK?

Helpshift’s MacOS SDK does not support push notifications. Rather, it uses local notifications to inform users when an Agent has replied to a conversation. Since these notifications are local to the Mac app, they do not work if the user quits the app. To learn more about setting up notifications for the Mac SDK, see […]

How do I create a one-way feedback channel?

Feedback requests can sometimes clog up other important items in your Issues queues. To alleviate this, work with your developer to complete the following steps to implementing a ‘Feedback’ button that will serve as an alternative to Help. To create a one-way feedback feature in your app that collects feedback, sends an auto-response, and skips […]

What does the in-app support experience look like for a user?

The Helpshift experience will differ for users depending on your SDK settings. The following is an example of a typical iOS support chat using Helpshift’s out-of-the-box SDK features. Keep in mind that this flow is highly customizable with our Guided Issue Filing process. The user is browsing the app and decides to reach out for […]

Can I add additional text fields for users submitting Issues in the SDK?

Currently we do not have the functionality in place for you to add additional text fields for end users submitting Issues in the SDK. While you can add custom fields to your Web Support Portal contact form, the in-app contact form will contain only name and email fields. However, depending on what additional information you […]

How do I integrate Helpshift into my desktop app?

Helpshift supports in-app chat and FAQs for Mac and Windows desktop applications. For instructions on implementing the Helpshift SDK into desktop applications, see our developer documentation: Getting Started with Mac iOS Getting Started with Windows 10 While Helpshift doesn’t have a native SDK for Windows Phones and Kindle, you can provide support on those devices […]

How can I prevent users from reopening Issues?

By default, a user can reopen a previous Issue thread by responding ‘No’ to the resolution question sent upon Agent resolution. The resolution question is the ‘Did we answer all your questions?’ prompt that appears for in-app users when an Agent has resolved their Issue. If the user answers ‘No’, the past conversation is reopened […]

When does device info and other metadata get refreshed/updated?

When an in-app user submits a new Issue, any metadata that the developers have set up is pulled in with the Issue. If any of the information changes while the Issue is open, such as if the end updates updates their version of the app, the metadata associated with the Issue won’t update because it’s […]

How do I deep link an in-app user to an FAQ article in a reply?

If you would like to keep a user in-app, but link them to an FAQ, you can use deep linking. Deep linking is a way of coding a URL so that it will open inside of the app. This will prevent a URL from triggering a browser window outside of the app, and also empower […]

How do I block an SDK/in-app user?

At this time we do not have the functionality in place to allow you to block Issue submissions from the SDK at the Dashboard level. The workaround is to set the ‘enableContactUs’ flag to ‘NEVER’ for select profile IDs in the SDK, and also maintain a blacklist in the server so that the emails can […]

How do I find my Review URL for iOS & Android?

Please note: your review URLs must initially be added by a member of your team and are not automatically generated. To access your Review URL to invite web users to review your app, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking the Settings icon in the navigation bar 2. Scroll down to […]

What is the ‘Send Review Request’ function & how do I use it?

When resolving an Issue, you can use the ‘Send Review Request’ function to prompt your user to review your app in the app store before the Issue is closed. Please note the following: This functionality is only available for in-app communications, and not for web and email The Issue must still be open You must […]

How do I add my app in Helpshift?

Please note: adding your app does not connect your mobile app directly to Helpshift. Your developer will still be required to integrate the SDK to implement this functionality. Please direct them to our Developer Implementation Guide to have them get started with this process. You’ll be prompted to add your first app when signing up […]