Email Support

What happens if a user sends multiple emails to the Support alias?

If a user reports an Issue from the same email address with an interval of less than 5 minutes, that second email will be added as a message to the previously created Issue. New Issues from the same email address are allowed after 5 minutes. If a user writes in from the same email address […]

How do I remove the ‘Login’ link at the bottom of my Web Support Portal?

To remove the login link at the bottom of your Web Portal page, you can navigate to Settings > Web Support Portal, Click the button “Customize CSS”, and insert this snippet into your Custom CSS editor at the bottom of the code: /* ——————————————————- Login link ——————————————————- */ .login-link-wrapper { display: none; } At the […]

What is email branding, and how do I set it up?

Email Branding allows you to gracefully represent multiple app or company brands via different email templates. As an example, let’s say your company, Demo, Inc, has two apps, DemoLand and DemoWorld. If one of your users writes in via the web form or email, then you want to make sure that the branding stays consistent […]

How do I create engaging branding for my support emails?

When you edit or create a new email Support Channel in Settings > Email Support, you’ll see the option to enable custom email templates. If you enable a custom template for a given channel, emails sent in response to issues from that channel will use the template. Note: You can also apply custom templates to […]

How do I create separate email support channels for the different apps I support?

Many companies have multiple brands and apps and want to create specific support experiences for each one. Creating separate support channels for each of your apps will ensure that users see support emails coming from an app-appropriate email address. It will also enable you to easily create Automations based on which app is referenced in […]

How do I forward my support emails into Helpshift?

You can view and update your support email address in your Settings area by navigating to Settings > Support Settings > Email Support. As seen in the image below, it is set up like this: To route your support emails to your Helpshift Dashboard, you’ll need to set up a forwarding rule in your […]

How do I use SPF records to avoid emails going to the ‘spam’ inbox?

This process may require support from your IT administrator. To create an SPF record for a domain: 1. Log in to the administrative console for your companies domain provider 2. Locate the page from which you can update the DNS records 3. Create a TXT record with the below information: Type: TXT Name: [domain name] […]

How do I block an email address in Helpshift?

At times it may be necessary to block individual users from continuing to contact your support team. This process can also be used to block spam email senders. To block a user who reached out via email, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to the Issues tab 2. From there, click on the Issue to go […]