How do I identify whether a push notification is from Helpshift?

All of the notifications generated by Helpshift have an “origin” key in the payload which has a value “helpshift”. You can check for this key value in your notification receive delegate and pass on the payload to Helpshift SDK to handle the notification . Helpshift SDK will take the user to the appropriate landing screen […]

Why do I get a popup asking for keychain permissions when I open my Mac app?

If you’re hosting your Mac app on the App Store, you can follow the steps in this Apple support article to disable this permissions question. If you are hosting the app on a platform like Steam, on which the app is unsigned, the app will request permission only on the first launch. It won’t ask […]

Why does the Android SDK add the “android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission?

If you do not use the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in your app specifically, a few known issues will arise: The multi-login profile persistence across uninstalls will not work. On devices below API 23, attachments sent by Agents to the user will be downloaded by the OS’s download manager instead of SDK’s download manager (SDK will just […]

What functions does Helpshift recommend testing during the integration QA process?

The Helpshift team highly recommends testing the following basic features to ensure they are functioning correctly before launching Helpshift integration to users: Launch ‘Help’ and make sure the page loads. Browse and search FAQs, including ones with large images, to ensure they load correctly. We recommend checking all FAQs for formatting issues that may only […]

Why can’t I use Android 22 to compile my Unity project?

Our SDK will not be able to support compile SDK version 22, but you can set targetSDKVersion to 22 as long as compileSDKVersion is 23 or 24. The only thing that will be impacted is runtime permission handling 23 and above. Please see our developer documentation on app permissions and version requirements to better understand […]

Can I modify push notification titles on iOS?

While Android allows you to customize all strings in a push notification, including title, iOS does not allow push notification titles to be modified. This means that, for iOS, the title of a ‘New Message’ push notification (that is, a notification received when the app is closed or backgrounded) will always appear as ‘[App Name] […]

Can I display the new message count on my app icon?

You can call the API ‘getNotificationCountFromRemote:’ which tells you how many unread messages you have at any given moment. You can invoke that for badging from any number of places. For more details on badge notifications, please see our developer documentation for iOS.

How do I set up a password for iOS Push Notification .p12 certificate?

Retrieve your certificate and download it: Set up keychain access: Once you’ve downloaded the Push Certificate from “Apple Developer Member Centre”, double click to open the certificate, which then opens “Keychain Access”. Click “File” -> “Export Items” and choose “Personal Information Exchange (.p12)” format. Select the location and provide name to export the (.p12) certificate […]

Does the Helpshift SDK support iOS 10?

Helpshift’s latest iOS build (v5.8.0) supports the official iOS 10 release. v5.7.1 is also compatible with iOS 10, however we always recommend keeping updated with our most recent build to prevent your users from encountering known issues. Older builds are guaranteed to have issues on iOS 10, so we highly recommend updating your SDK for […]

What is the showSearchonNewConversation flag?

This feature helps companies reduce their overall Issue volume while maintaining an excellent end user experience. The feature can be toggled on/off in our SDK (iOS v4.9.0 & Android v3.6.0) using the flag- showSearchOnNewConversation. If the showSearchConversation flag is enabled, the user will be taken to a view which shows the search results relevant to […]

What flags are available to customize the behavior of my SDK?

Helpshift provides several configuration options which can be used to customize the behavior of the SDK. These options are boolean flags which can be passed with the Helpshift APIs such as showConversation, showFAQs etc. See our developer documentation for complete instructions on SDK configuration for iOS and Android.

What are Helpshift Delegates?

The Helpshift SDK provides delegate callbacks to help app developers track a user’s activities within the help section. New conversation delegate If you want to keep a record of when your app users start a new conversation through Helpshift, you can implement this delegate callback. The delegate will get fired every time the user starts […]

How do I enable Campaigns functionality in my SDK?

To start using our premium proactive messaging feature called Campaigns, you’ll first want to contact to have this feature priced and enabled for your plan. Once enabled on our side, you’ll want your developers to follow the instructions below: iOS Platform: Download the latest SDK that contains Campaigns via our iOS Release Notes Visit […]

What is the enableFullPrivacy flag?

You may come across scenarios where the user attaches objectionable content in the screenshots, and it becomes a COPPA concern. The enableFullPrivacy flag will help solve the problem. Turning on this flag will perform 2 actions: Disable user-initiated screenshots – players cannot send images without being prompted to by an Agent. Do not collect any […]

What strings in the Helpshift SDK can I customize?

You can customize almost all of the strings in the Helpshift SDK from the HelpshiftLocalizable.strings (iOS) and hs_strings.xml (Android) file with additional internationalization options. More information on String customization can be found in our developer documentation for iOS and Android.

What are debug logs and how do I use them?

Debug logs are system-generated logs that are sent to your Dashboard along with every new conversation. They only appear if your developers have configured them in the SDK for a given game/app version. You can add additional debugging statements to your code, and see exactly what the user was doing right before they reported the […]

How do I set Custom Data?

You can attach additional metadata to every reported Issue via a very simple mechanism provided by the SDK. This metadata can range from user name, device information, user email, purchase behavior, game scores, customer tier, or any other data relevant to creating a suitable context to each reported issue. To learn how, please see our […]

How do I pass the User ID from the SDK?

Your developer can implement functionality in the SDK for you to pass an internal user ID that is unique to your system to make it easier to look up specific user information from a submitted Issue in Helpshift. See our developer documentation for iOS and Android. Next, set up a direct hyperlink from each Helpshift […]

How do I make email optional or required for SDK users?

Depending on the status of the user (unregistered, registered), you can customize the New Conversation screen to make it easier for your user to submit a new message. For unregistered users, first have your developer implement the requireemail field. Please see our developer documentation on requireemail for iOS and Android. Next, configure your SDK to […]

What is the ‘Web Messenger’ platform, and how do I use it?

You may have noticed a new platform option available when managing Smart Views, conducting Advanced Searches, and reviewing icons available for FAQs. This new platform is Web Messenger, which refers to Issues created through the Helpshift REST API. You can learn more by reviewing our Rest API documentation. How does ‘Web Messenger’ differ from ‘Web’ […]

What are Helpshift Webhooks, and how do I set them up?

Helpshift Webhooks allow you to set up an integration with a third party service, such as Slack, PowerBI, a bot engine, and others, based on Helpshift events. You can use the integration to enable notifications via text, email or a communication app whenever a Helpshift event occurs. Within the Helpshift Dashboard, you can define the […]

How do I access my Helpshift REST API keys?

To access your REST API keys, navigate to Settings > APIs. Your keys will be listed on this page. Clicking the gear icon in the bottom right provides a space for you to add a new key. Please note that adding a new key will automatically disable the old key. For more info on using […]

How do I ensure my interactions with users via Helpshift are COPPA compliant?

COPPA is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It is a United States federal law designed to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13. Among other rules, COPPA requires websites to request parental consent when collecting personal information from their users. Personal information is defined as any information that allows someone to […]