Automations Overview

This video provides an overview of the Automations Dashboard, which allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. To learn more, see What Are Automations, And How Should I Use Them?

How do I set up Smart Routing?

To use Smart Routing, you’ll need to have Automations enabled. Automations can only be accessed by an Admin. If you are an Agent, please refer the Admin(s) of your team to this article. You’ll also need to know how to create Automations and tags. If you haven’t created tags yet, please see How Do I […]

How do I auto-assign Issues to Agents based on working hours & other parameters?

Smart Routing is an Automations feature that allows you to auto-assign Issues based on select criteria such as tags, language, time of day, and more. You can use them to assign issues to an Agent, or on a rotating basis to a group of Agents. You can even establish working days/hours for Groups and Agents […]

What is Read Status/Read Receipt, and how do I use it?

The Read Status on an Issue indicates whether the latest Agent reply has been viewed by the end user or not. It can be found by navigating to Issues, clicking on an Issue to open the Issue details, and hovering over the checkmark below the reply. Please note: the Read Status is the specific change […]

How do I use Auto Resolve and Autoreply together?

If you have an Autoreply Automation set up, you will not be able to use Auto Resolve on the Autoreplied Issues. An Autoreplied Issue remains in a ‘New’ and ‘Unassigned’ Issue state to be reviewed by an Agent, identical to completely new Issues that have not been Autoreplied to. This is to protect these Issues […]

How do I set up Auto Resolve Automations?

Auto Resolve automations allow you to automatically resolve Issues when you have not heard back from the user after a certain number of days. These Automations run once a day at UTC midnight. To set up an Auto Resolve Automation, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to Settings > Automations 2. At the top of the […]

How do I set up Reminder Automations?

Reminder Automations can be set to run on specific types of Issues where you’d like to check in with the user. Sometimes it can take a while for a user to respond, but often they may forget and just need a reminder to reply. Reminder Automations send a custom follow-up message based on the platform, […]

How do I set up Autoresponses?

Many organizations have set business hours for providing support and need to toggle Autoresponders to notify users of this upon submission of new Issues. You can set up Automations to autorespond with specific responses depending on the type of Issue. You can have specific responses triggered by specific tags or keywords. To set up an […]

How do I set up New Issue Automations?

New Issue Automations (NIA) allow you to assign Issues to specific Agents or Smart Views, add tags, auto resolve Issues, and send custom Autoreplies, all immediately upon Issue creation and based on criteria you define. This criteria could include device information and metadata your developer is tracking, such as app, language, or platform; which email […]

What are Automations, and how should I use them?

Automations are a Premium Feature. If you’re currently on a free plan, please reach out to to upgrade. More information about our membership options can be found on our pricing page. Automations allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. You can use Automations to automatically tag and […]